The WhatCar? Car of the Year Runs on Diesel?

WhatCar Diesel Volvo

WhatCar? recently crowned the Volvo XC40 as the Car of the Year for 2018, in addition to being the family SUV of the year. However, when you consider that the Volvo XC40 has got an engine that runs on diesel, you cannot help but doubt whether the judges were in the right frame of mind while making the call or not. It is because while the entire world is busy in making the transition from diesel and petrol powered engines to engines that run on alternative sources, WhatCar? has got the audacity to look past it all and make the controversial decision of pronouncing a diesel powered SUV as the best of the lot.

On top of that, the editor of WhatCar? insisted that the decision was made purely based on the merits of the car. If that’s a fact, then it’s saddening to see that WhatCar? has chosen to value the “merits of a diesel-powered car” over the “benefits to the environment”. What the decision of WhatCar? will do is that it will restart the surge of the consumers towards diesel powered engines, thus negating all of the work that the various environmentalists and governments had put into the promotion of alternative power sources. But then again…who cares for the future, right?