Renault Looks to Employ More People in Split Off Electrical Unit

French car maker Renault has been stealing the headlines for long now, and has promised now that the move to make two business units for electronic and conventional car production could each employ over 10,000 staff members by the end of 2023.

Renault recently released a statement and mentioned that it was currently assessing options and was in the move towards fossil-free vehicles.

“The aim of these strategic reflections is to adapt each technology, drawing on the group’s strengths and expertise on its various markets and within the Alliance”, Renault said.

Managers at Renault reiterated that jobs for EV production within France will bundle up, while workers for the production of conventional cars will be located abroad. Sources from earlier in the year had revealed that Chief Executive Luca de Meo was interested in splitting up the group, despite the potential cost overruns that it would lead to.

Renault is currently playing catch with rivals like Volkswagen and Tesla, both of whom have shot up ahead in the electric vehicle market. Several groups of workers are already being outlined for the shift in operations. There will be thermal, as well as hybrid and electric productions.

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