Red Bull Threaten to Protest over Controversy Surrounding Mercedes’s Rear Wing

Red Bull are in the process of protesting in front of the F1 authorities, against fierce rivals Mercedes for knowingly implementing a cheat in the rear wing. 

Team boss Christian Horner, from Red Bull, has mentioned that Mercedes have knowingly added a hidden way of boosting straight-line speed within their vehicle. 

Both Red Bull and Mercedes are currently in a tough battle on and off the field, as they look to close the season in style and get their hands on the laurels on offer. 

Red Bull, who rank ahead in individual driver standings, are behind Mercedes in the official team standings. The Red Bull team believes that Mercedes has rear score marks that can increase top speed on the circuit. 

Make no bones about it, if we see it on the car here it will be protested,” Horner told Sky F1. “It’s probably less of a factor here, than particularly Jeddah and Abu Dhabi,” he said. “But you could have a situation like in Brazil where the car is quite literally un-raceable.”

Mercedes team and boss have no concerns over allegations and comments made by Horner. “I think that’s his opinion, his perspective, and absolutely fine within the regulations to seek clarification or protest,” said Wolff of Horner’s comments.

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