French Politician Snubs Local Laws and Blocks Passenger Train With Parked Car

While French politicians aren’t really known for their wise antics, Jean Lassalle, an Independent Member of Parliament made a surprising entry to a rugby match in Bedous by parking his car on a railroad crossing. 

Lassalle was there to see his son play Rugby, and in his haste forgot to park his car right. 

It was later during the match that police approached him and asked him to pay a 135 Euro fine and to also move his car as it had been blocking a passenger train for the last half an hour. 

I saw this magnificent place and I parked there,” he told France Bleu. “The train was indeed at a standstill. I apologized to the passengers. Everyone was very nice. 

I have no excuse: it’s been two years since the line [opened] and I even inaugurated it,” he said. “It’s a big mistake.” 

Lassalle further went on to quip that if he had a driver like many of his peers, the accident wouldn’t have had happened in the first place. 

The visibility on the day was good, which is why the passenger train’s driver could see Mr. Lassalle’s parked car from a distance. With poor visibility, this could have ended badly. 

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