French Automakers Fear Marine Le Pen’s Victory in Elections

Marine Le Pen

Le Pen might just become the reason why PSA and Renault lose their position in the automobile market.

The French automakers are already on a rough patch with the weakening British pound, and Le Pen is all ready to deliver the major blow. She, being a potential French president, believes that protectionism is what the French automobile industry needs to grow. It’s like designing policies to exterminate the industry, claiming it’s good for the automakers.

Daniel Gross—Director, Center for European Policy Studies—even went on to say that Le Pen, with her policies favoring protectionism, will soon find it to be a great mistake. It is ironic how she talks about saving this automobile industry by taking them on a path that goes backward. This is what protectionism is—a path in the opposite direction.

The policies Marine Le Pen comes forward with either depict her disregard for the French auto manufacturers or her incapability to run the position she is so desperately fighting for.