French Car Murder Sparks Unusual Interest

In a mystery straight out of an Inspector Maigret novel, Normandy’s state prosecutor has appealed to the public to help discover who it is that might be dead.

“In my 23 years as a magistrate, I have never seen a situation like this,” said Rémi Coutin.

“We don’t have a body,” he said.

“And we don’t have an identity for the person who we believe to have been killed.”

Police think that on 9 March, the suspect, driving a black Audi under the influence of alcohol, knocked over a woman cyclist on a road near the town of Grand Bourgtheroulde, 140km (85 miles) north-west of Paris.

The only piece of evidence generated by the police right now is an account from the 46-year-old suspect’s girlfriend. The girlfriend narrated the offense to police officials and mentioned that her bf had knocked someone over with their car and later went to knock them out with a spade. 

The entire accident was narrated by the suspect himself, who first confessed to the murder while drunk, but later narrated the entire series of events when in his senses. 

Police are confused as well, since no missing person report has been filed during the period and no one is sure who the victim was.  

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