Thousands Protest and Burn French Cars in Countrywide Protests

Tens of thousands of people in France have taken to the streets and burnt down French cars as a means to demonstrate their anger against a new security law. The security law passed in the European country stopped residents from filming police officers during random observations and checks. 

Protests were largely concentrated in the cities of Paris, Lyon, Marseille and Strasbourg. Local reports suggest that a total of 50,000 people marched in Paris during isolated riots. 

The countrywide figure was marked at 500,000 as half a million people took to the streets. Protestors disturbed barricades, three different objects at police officials on duty and even burnt down French cars. 

Banners and signs were held by some proclaiming defiant messages against police: “Not see, not caught,” “France: Country of Rights of the Police,” “Carrying weapons is out of service,” and “Police everywhere, justice nowhere.”

According to France’s Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, a total of 37 police officers suffered severe or minor injuries during the protests and the violence that ensued. Police had also arrested 9 people for instigating violence and vandalism. 

Our liberty is in danger; we are really happy to see all of these people here today,” said a student marching in the protests. “It shows that Parisians are a people in pursuit of their liberty.”

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