The Physics of Road Rage

Road rage incidents are increasing in number across the world, with new drivers barely being able to contain themselves on the road. There are so many videos of such instances being uploaded on a daily basis that there is nothing exciting or surprising about the new ones coming out ever so rapidly. However, even with the entire hubbub surrounding road rage, and the limited excitement of these videos, we’re sure this one will amaze you. 

How often do you go out on a drive in your 4*4 and encounter someone who seems to be completely out of their mind? Not that often, right? 

Driving an imported French car, the driver at the helm is not able to tolerate the constant honking by Mr. 4*4 anymore. Due to which he decides to give him some payback. 

The situation which looked rather pacified at the start of the video soon picked up, and Mr. French car walked out with his alpha male bravado, carrying a pepper spray and clinchinghis fists. 

Having watched multiple road rage videos on the internet, we can tell that this is when things got exciting. This is when things started to pick up. 

Mr. French Car walks in his ominous style and jumps in, sucker punching the front window. The punch rattles the living hell out of the windows, but the glass somehow doesn’t break under the pressure. However, this wasn’t it for our desperate alpha male; he makes another swing of the likes you would see in a Friday night pub fight, which the glass cannot bear anymore. The glass succumbs under the pressure of the punch and Mr. French Car proceeds to spray his pepper can. 

Now, Mr. 4*4 has had enough of this scuffle, and gets off the vehicle, while shielding his eyes from the pepper spray. This is what we call excellent situation awareness. Mr. 4*4 could have copied Mr. French car by displaying a similar male bravado, but he knew that in doing so he could risk his eyes. 

Having gotten out of his car, Mr. 4*4 makes a dash for the rear boot. He probably has something that can be used as a weapon lying there. What do you expect it is? It’s a baseball bat guys. To be honest, with the image that America presents we wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be a gun. 

By the time our protagonist turned villain takes out the bat, Mr. French car has made a dash for his own car. Mr. 4*4 tries a final wild swing, but it’s too little too late. 

At the end of this rather brutal duel, all we can do is thank the real hero; the guy filming this with their dash cam. We need more brave souls like this one, for entertainment purposes, obviously.