PSA Group Is a Fraud!

Who could have known the infamous French Automobilegiant—the PSA Group—was a cheater?


The fraudulent activities of this company were recently brought forward by a French newspaper. It revealed that the PSA Group had been manipulating tests regarding the diesel emission in cars.

The outrageous act is not something new for the company. It has already issued false specs for over 2 million vehicles to date. It was a mere act of frivolity on their part. The published report stated that the Citroen and Peugeot automobiles were allegedly put onto the streets.

Astonishingly, these cars released diesel emissions that went on to exceed the legal limit. The device PSA Group used to create fake specifications was called the “defeat device”. The deceitful nature of this company can be comprehended by the fact that it actually took measures to better hide the “defeat device” once the hoax began to turn in undue profits.

According to an estimate, PSA Group has made nothing less than a mind-boggling 40 billion dollars in profit while deceiving the market. When caught for the crime, the Group conveniently lied about its ties to the “defeat device”. It is such a disgrace for any business to indulge in such activities, let alone a multi-million dollar one.