Why Oh Why Did Renault Need To Purchase Stakes in A French Car News Publisher?

Renault car

When you speak of an esteemed French car manufacturing company such as Renault, you would expect for the company to invest all of its resources into the development and manufacturing of vehicles, so that it might be able to something that is actually useful for humanity, on the whole. However, when you consider some of Renault’s activities in recent, it certainly does not appear to be the case.

Those who love reading juicy and unbiased news, on the French automotive industry, have run out of luck it seem, owing to how Renault has finally decided to take “unbiased” completely out of the proposition. The company has purchased a 40 percent stake in the Challenges Group, which is a French publishing company, known for the news that it delivers on the automotive industry of cars. This means that people of France will read what Renault will feed on the matters of French cars. So much for unbiased journalism!

The surprising part of it all is that Renault is known, all over the world, as one of the leading players in the international automotive industry. However, when you consider that the company had to stoop so low in order to contend with the fact that it is being left out of the competition by companies that are ACTUALLY serious about taking the automotive industry of the world forward, you cannot help but consider the crisis that Renault must be which propelled it into making such a move.

Renault needs to realize that the company will be better served by making investments in cars rather than news agencies, owing to how it is the cars that will ultimately bring in profits and not public sentiments. If a car manufacturer is able to put forward the best products in the market, purchasing a news agency should be the least of its concerns.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dj6cnEeFr8c