The Drought for the French Grand Prix Is About To Be Over

Ferrari at Grand Prix

After ten years of silence, Formula 1 will finally be turning its head to the French soil.

It has been years since the French Grand Pix has gotten the honor of fighting in the Formula 1. After a decade long drought, it seems as if the French have finally planned to pose competition to the major players like Brazil and Germany.

A report by Europe 1 revealed that the Provence-Alpes-Cotes d’Azur region will help organize the event, among several local authorities. The contract that is to be signed will be for the period 2018-2022 including five seasons. A press conference is set to take place in the coming week where the return will officially be revealed.

The last time French GP ran was back in the year 2008, marking its 8th year of silence in 2016. It will be a decade before it gets back on its feet—in 2018.  The last French GP was hosted in Nevers by Magny-Cours. The prime reason for the closing of French GP was its poor financial strength. Things got even worse by the end of the 2008 edition which is why it had to be put to a stop.

In 2018, the Formula 1 will step on French soil with honors going to the Circuit Paul Richard as the possible venue.