Why France’s Announcement to Ban Diesel and Petrol Cars Is a Hoax

Car interior

The announcement of the French government to ban the selling of petrol and diesel cars by 2040 might look good on paper to some; but when you consider the rapid shifting from conventional cars to electric cars in recent times, the announcement appears to be nothing more than a useless utterance of words. Why? Well, it’s because there won’t be any cars with conventional engines to ban by 2040—at least not in France.

Volvo—one of the leading manufacturers of cars in France—had recently announced that they’ll only manufacturing hybrid cars post 2019. Other manufacturers, such as Peugeot and Renault, have also got enough ideas in their locker to make the switch. Why then, has the Macron government announced such a timescale is beyond the reasoning of most experts.

When you consider how a polluted country like India has put forward the idea of no longer selling the fuel driven cars post 2030, the fact that the government of France is labeling its call to action as some part of an environmental “revolution” appears to be nothing short of a sham. While the French government is at it, why don’t they ban the sales of horses for transportation by 2040 also? Both of their announcements can be equally useless that way!