French Cars to Be Inspected More Rigorously Soon

French car inspection

As if the lives of French citizens weren’t hard enough; authorities have recently decided to revolutionize the way in which cars are inspected in France. The new technical test will come into practice from May 20, 2018 and will require for the vehicles to be rigorously inspected. However, when you consider how the current requirements were already pretty rigorous, you have got to say that the new measures will do nothing but place another burden on the minds of vehicle owners in France.

There are a number of differences that the newer method of testing has got, as compared to the older one. For instance, the newer method will take considerably longer than the current process and will cost more as well. What this means is that the newer process will not only waste vehicle owners’ time, but force them to pay more to get their time wasted.

The new regulations are part of an initiative that is targeted towards making roads safer across Europe, owing to how it is believed that five people die across Europe everyday as a result of road accidents. However, the measures that have been put into place appear to be doing nothing more than blaming the vehicle drivers for all of the deaths and accidents that happen, when the deceased are at fault on a number of incidents also. When you take into perspective how the measures are being taken to reduce the number of these FIVE deaths every day, you have got to say that the purpose would have been better served if the focus had been on the education of pedestrians rather than adding to the worries of car owners and manufacturers alike!