The Outrageous Law of Getting Fined Even When Car Is Stopped

Using mobile phone in car

A driver, in France, received a parking ticket in 2017 as punishment for using his phone while his car was parked at a roundabout with the hazard lights on. The driver recorded his protest against the atrocity by appealing in the court and was successful. This successful appeal propelled the lawmakers into making a law that declared the usage of smartphones to be banned in cars altogether, regardless of whether the car might be moving or stationary. According to the law, it is illegal for drivers to use their mobile phones, at any time, inside the vehicle unless the car is parked in one of the designated parking spots or private driveway.

According to the French government, this law is part of the plan to reduce the number of deaths on roadsides as a result of traffic accidents. However, what the authorities failed to address was how a mere driver, texting while sitting in his stationary car, could harm the local public. Think about it: what difference would it make, to the lives of the pedestrians, if a person is using their smartphone or not, while sitting in the stationary car.

If the French government was truly sincere about significantly reducing the number of car accidents in the country, they would focus more on spreading awareness among the general public on the issue, rather than making scapegoats out of car drivers. If you think about it, this act appears to be nothing more than an act of vengeance on part of the French government, owing to how they decided to enforce the law as soon as a commoner successfully appealed against an outrageous ticket. Well, on the bright side, France is rejoicing on how the authorities have allowed the commoners to still make calls in case their cars are broken down at the side of the road. There are other similar driving laws introduced that can be termed as laughable at best!

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