Headscarved Women Beaten by French Police After Speeding Car Rage

Two young women aged in their 20s have been beaten and put into custody by French police after a case resulting from police over speeding. 

Myriam said police officers, who were speeding near the crosswalk under the Clichy Bridge, were about to hit her friend and her.

The officers were speeding, Myriam said, although the green light for pedestrians was showing.

Later, the officers called out to the girls, who thought they just wanted to talk.

Then, one officer got out of the car and held the women’s arms.

“Then he started to beat me in the face, and took all his rage out on me,” Myriam said. She started to shout and witnesses came to intervene.

Myriam and Maryam took refuge in a mosque, afraid that the policemen would follow them.

“I had blood in my mouth,” Myriam added.

She said they filed a complaint but it was dismissed a few months ago.

“Our lawyer will not quit, he will keep on fighting,” she continued.

After being hit by the officer, she fainted, she said, adding that she has health issues and a heart condition.

“My friend on the floor was the last thing I saw,” Maryam added.

The young woman also said that they were called to testify for assaulting the police officers and resisting them.