The Rising Controversy Around Car Parking Charges in French Hospitals

France is well known for its car parking issue, with many parking spaces charging exuberant prices for a few hours of parking. Some hospital parking charges have been called ‘intolerable’. France’s health minister said the problem is ‘not a priority compared to helping people get care.

However, a recent controversy has been brought up surrounding the case of car parking outside hospitals. Most people visit hospitals for an emergency, and having to pay an exorbitant sum to park their car outside the premises has triggered many French residents. 

When questioned on the issue, François Braun told BFMTV: “I do not manage hospital parking prices. I agree about this issue, but I am not going to solve the [problem of the] cost of hospital parking immediately.

“I think our health system has many other difficulties. There are people who are still very far from being able to get care, and that is my priority.”

French people, however, do not agree with François Braun’s statement and believe that he should oversee the matter on a priority basis. The health minister needs to do more to reduce the charges, especially since he agrees with the issue. If the parking charges for French cars aren’t cut down or reduced, we may see riots similar to the May 1st riots in most cities. 

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