Belgian Grand Prix Called Off After French Driver Anthoine Hubert Dies in Crash

Formula One and 2 are both notoriously known for the risks involved within the sports. Just recently the world of French cars and Formula 2 enthusiasts was taken by surprise when the Belgian Grand Prix saw a fatal collision take the life of French Driver Anthoine Hubert.

Hubert collided with the car of American driver Juan Manuel, before he was sent packing into the barriers. The accident happened on the second lap of the circuit.

The race was halted just after the accident, but once news of the injury and death of Anthoine Hubert circulated across social media, it was eventually called off.

McLaren declared its “heartfelt condolences to Mr Hubert’s family and loved ones, his colleagues at the Arden team, and the entire F2 community“.

Lewis Hamilton, who is a five time Formula One champion, also took to Instagram to talk about the accident. He mentioned ‘This is devastating. God rest your soul Anthoine. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family today.

The entire world of Formula One and Formula Two racists is in a state of shock as they are still coming to terms with this freak accident. FIA has already begun probing the accident, as the weather and track were dry for the day.